December 20, 2018
Building New Realities Together - The Niantic Beyond Reality Developer Contest


Today, we’re happy to invite developers like you to build a new reality with us and apply for the Niantic Beyond Reality Developer Contest. Explore and create with the Niantic Real World Platform, and compete for your share of a prize pool of more than one million USD.

Back in June, we invited the world to see our company’s commitment to Augmented Reality (AR), a key component of the Niantic Real World Platform. Our engineers showed off the years of rigorous research we’ve done on many aspects of AR, including real-time shared multiplayer AR demos such as Codename: Neon and Codename: Tonehenge. These innovative technological advancements were designed to complement Niantic’s pioneering persistent geospatial game experiences, creating a new layer that seamlessly blends the real world with something special and new. During that event, we also called for interest from third-party developers excited about building on the Niantic Real World Platform.

Niantic’s Real World Platform combines a world-scale persistent state engine, multiplayer AR, high-speed networking, geolocation data, and much more to create unique experiences that promote a sense of imagination and adventure. We’re seeking applicants that are excited about creating projects that follow core tenets of Niantic: exploration, exercise and real-world social interaction. The required team composition is at least five developers with experience in Unity and Java Server development.

Our focus is on games, but our definition of games is pretty expansive. So if you have an idea that bridges gaming and other areas like physical activity, social, travel or shopping, please feel free to submit. We are looking for proposals that leverage the Niantic Real World Platform's persistent, real world capability as well as advanced AR. We encourage you to think boldly!

A select group of ten teams will earn a stipend and access to the Niantic Real World Platform. Finalists will work for a three-month period, with the goal of showing off their incredible work at a Demo Day in San Francisco, hosted by Niantic. In addition to regular guidance and discussion from the Niantic Engineering team, finalists will be brought to San Francisco/Bay Area to meet with executives and lay the groundwork for the work to come.

We invite you to adventure along with us, and create something that the world has never seen before. If you’re as excited as we are, take the first step by applying through our contest site. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at

We can’t wait to see what you’ll build.

—Phil Keslin, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer


December 17, 2018
#AugmentingReality: Give Back this Holiday Season


Show us how you’re giving back this holiday season using #AugmentingReality, and we’ll highlight your efforts to make your local community a better place.

During the holidays, many people from around the world are motivated by the giving spirit to engage with their communities in an impactful way and make a difference for the better. Whether it’s gathering donations for your local food bank, cleaning up a public spaces, or volunteering to help those in need, our players have shown their passion for #AugmentingReality, and we want you to be a part of it, too.


From now until the New Year, we will be highlighting your efforts to make your local community a better place, and featuring some of the best initiatives from our communities in 2018. We'll be focusing on both grassroots initiatives undertaken by both Ingress and Pokémon GO communities, as well as initiatives created by Niantic alongside non-profit partners that focus on social impact and making a difference in our world today. Make sure to follow our Twitter and check in each day to see these inspiring stories of doing good.


As we close out 2018, there are many opportunities to give back to local communities through food banks, homeless shelters, toy drives and other activities.


We encourage everyone to find a local charity, get together with friends and organize a #AugmentingReality outing. Doing good and playing games are a great combo for the holiday season.

—Yennie Solheim Fuller, Social Impact

December 14, 2018
Strengthening Our Communities: Niantic Social Impact Report 2018

At Niantic, people come first. We strive to build experiences that connect people in the real world and are continuously exploring new ways to support our passionate players and create platforms to give back to local communities. Because when you do good locally, you do good for the world.

In the early days at Niantic, we witnessed firsthand the powerful positive impact AR technology can have on local communities and civic engagement and have made it part of our mission to prioritize social impact in everything we do. In 2016, we formalized our social impact efforts by creating a division focused on making a positive impact through a variety of activities ranging from community events and service, supporting players to do good, and special campaigns.

Fast-forward to 2018, and we’ve taken what our technology and games already encourage–positive impact in the real world–and made it into a core part of the company. Below, you’ll find an infographic outlining some of the incredible feats we’ve accomplished together with the worldwide player community in 2018.

You can expect more events, activities and partnerships with local and global organizations that continue to support our players and local communities in 2019.


If you’re looking to learn more about what Niantic has done to make a social impact worldwide, catch up on our blog posts here:

Ideas or campaign inquiries? Write to us at

—Yennie Solheim Fuller, Social Impact